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How can pregnancy & birth affect your baby’s feeding?

Babies’ position in utero can impact the way they feed after birth, so does the way they are born. A baby who, at any point in the last trimester of pregnancy was malpositioned, can develop tensions in her body which in turn can impact on the feeding.

Additionally, the birth of your baby can play a part in how your baby will feed.

Over the years, we have found that working in collaboration with experienced cranio-osteopaths can promote a better latch, better milk transfer as well as a comfortable breastfeeding experience. No matter what you’ve heard (including from midwives!) breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt!

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, sadly, many breastfeeding mothers & chest feeding people struggle to establish feeding due to lack of support, leaving them with a sense of failure and grief.

Getting support from a breastfeeding specialist or lactation consultant can completely change your breastfeeding journey. We will help you with attachment and positioning but also help identify any issues with your feeding and put a plan in place to support you until you are happy and the feeding is going well.

Infant Sleep Support: Many new parents are dreading the lack of sleep & its impact on their well-being once the Baby Moon is over. Our approach to infant, toddler & child sleep is evidence based, calm and respectful of your baby’s emotional well- being. There is no cry it out or extinction methods. We are here to debunk the sleep myths anchored in our societies and empower you in knowing your baby and what normal baby sleep is.

We offer day time support as well as night night support while always encouraging and protecting breastfeeding, discouraging mother - baby separation while offering you much needed rest!

In conjunction with the benefits of cranio-osteopathy on your baby/ toddler/ child sleep, we share with you some some tips to promote a better sleep environment for your baby, help you identify any issues that may lead to sleep concerns and help you understand normal sleep in babies.

Our team of professionals are trained from birth to childhood years and can help you through the struggles of sleep changes that comes along with developmental milestones.

Read more about holistic babies at: https://www.holisticbabiesouthlondon.com/

We are specialised professionals working together to give you the best care.