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APPI Pilates Instructor

Eglantine graduated from the European school of osteopathy in 2009 and has gained over 10 years experience treating mothers to be and babies as well as working with patients of all ages on general MSK issues.

Eglantine is passionate about osteopathy and the human body and constantly adapts and evolves her practice with knowledge gained through regular continued professional development.

Her Osteopathic skill is looking at the patient as a whole. Finding what is at the origin of your aches and pains, how your body has compensated and to treat accordingly and specifically. Her aim is for you to be able to understand the reasons behind your complaint so you can progress and improve more efficiently. She focuses on your long-term well being as well as your short-term recovery.

Eglantine trained in cranial and visceral osteopathy to be able to blend different types of treatment modalities to better suit the patient’s needs.

As a certified Clinical Pilates instructor (trained with APPI) and with a diploma in nutritional advice, she can provide a truly holistic approach to her treatments. Pilates has allowed her to accompany her patients further into their recovery and help them take control of their rehabilitation and prevention.

Eglantine is a registered member of the General Osteopathic council and the British Osteopathic Association. This requires her to have continued professional development and hold a valid insurance for practising.

Eglantine Works With:

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  • general osteopathic council
  • vitality health
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Eglantine Hallo Osteopathy

We’re a small team based in Oxford and Angel Islington in London.

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Our Customer Reviews on Google

  • Went twice to see Sophia for back pain. Sophia has a nice touch and explains what she is doing. Wonderful results few days after with the exercises she sent me to practice at home. Highly recommended. Michael Cable

  • Amazing service and experience for my newborn baby. Eglantine is extremely knowledgeable, health conscious and gentle, and I feel my little girl really benefited from her sessions. Will definitely be back! Ashley Racine

  • Eglantine is a brilliant Oesto. She has sorted out my chronic shoulder and jaw problems, I now see her regularly to keep me in optimal health. Eglantine will forever be my “go to” person for mine and my families health needs. Paula Felgate

  • Hightly recommend. Had some treatment here with Sophia, she was fantastic. What I Initially thought was a big problem was easily fixed in two sessions and she gave great follow up exercises. Christopher Phillips

  • Eglantine is someone I trust with my eyes closed. She is knowledgable, gentle, thorough and loves what she does. I have seen her for treatment many times over the years and I always refer friends. She never disappoints! Highly recommend. Maude Huguet

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