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Resistance Bands

Training against resistance is one of the most beneficial ways of improving our physical health by enhancing movement control, increasing muscle mass, managing weight and supporting our cardiovascular health.

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The 4th trimester

The 4th trimester is the post partum period from birth to 3 months minimum. It is called the 4th trimester as the birth is not considered a separation of mother and child but a continuum between the two. It is a transition and adaptation of life from intrauterine to the external world.

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Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture helps the body regulate its hormone cycles to be able to have a regular 28 day cycle which in turn helps with conceiving.

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Pregnancy related tummy gap

What is a tummy gap?

A Pregnancy-related tummy gap is called a diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA). It happens when the connective tissue strip down the mid-line of the abdomen, the linea alba, widens and thins to accommodate the growing baby. This natural physiological process has been reported to occur in 100% of pregnant women.

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Holistic Babies

Hi, I’m Steph and I’m the founder of Holistic Babies London.

We are a team of midwives, infant feeding specialists, holistic sleep consultants & breastfeeding & lactation consultants offering antenatal & post natal care to women, birthing people & their families.

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Glue Ear

The term glue ear is given because the lining of the auditory tube swells up, narrowing its opening…

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