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Originally from France, Iona moved to London to complete her master’s degree in Osteopathy. Her background in dance inspired her to become a healthcare professional as she experienced the benefits of investing in her own health during her dance training. Since graduating from the University College of Osteopathy, Iona has adopted a multi-faceted approach to optimize the recovery of her patients.

Iona is passionate about helping you move with ease by identifying the processes involved in your presentation. She offers a warm and therapeutic space, where health-related issues can be discussed and explored to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Her treatments include structural, cranial, visceral and functional osteopathic techniques. Alongside manual therapy, Iona also provides physical therapy advice to enhance your recovery. As a qualified dance teacher, she encourages you to develop a positive awareness of your body, and refine the quality of movement by increasing muscle tonicity, breathing effectively, and achieving efficient muscle contraction.

With a keen interest in sports injuries, chronic and acute pain presentations, paediatrics, pregnancy and postpartum care, Iona offers tailored treatments to every patient.

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We’re a small team based in Oxford and Angel Islington in London.

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  • Went twice to see Sophia for back pain. Sophia has a nice touch and explains what she is doing. Wonderful results few days after with the exercises she sent me to practice at home. Highly recommended. Michael Cable

  • Amazing service and experience for my newborn baby. Eglantine is extremely knowledgeable, health conscious and gentle, and I feel my little girl really benefited from her sessions. Will definitely be back! Ashley Racine

  • Eglantine is a brilliant Oesto. She has sorted out my chronic shoulder and jaw problems, I now see her regularly to keep me in optimal health. Eglantine will forever be my “go to” person for mine and my families health needs. Paula Felgate

  • Hightly recommend. Had some treatment here with Sophia, she was fantastic. What I Initially thought was a big problem was easily fixed in two sessions and she gave great follow up exercises. Christopher Phillips

  • Eglantine is someone I trust with my eyes closed. She is knowledgable, gentle, thorough and loves what she does. I have seen her for treatment many times over the years and I always refer friends. She never disappoints! Highly recommend. Maude Huguet

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